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FOH, monitor, or both, in the live recording venue installation, long-distance transport, stage performances, GL3800 always is your ideal choice. This high-performance, unique mixer with good layout design and feel, this is an ideal analog mixer for tuners.

GL3800 is a large, dual-functional mixer, with LR output, main output, 8 subgroup outputs, 10 auxiliary outputs, 12 * 4 matrix output. With 24 to 48 channels frames, A, B, C, and D four types of mixers to supply different stereo input channels.


  24, 32, 40, and 48 channel frames

A, B, C, D mono/stereo channel options

LR and M mix buses

8 Audio groups with pan and routing to LR and M 

10 Auxes including a dedicated stereo send

2 full stereo channels each with mic and stereo line inputs

2 extra dual stereos provide 4 summed or independent stereo returns

Fully featured 12x4 Matrix

Recording capable with channel direct outputs

M can be used for LR mono sum, engineers wedge, or centre/sub mix

Stereo channel mic inputs can cross patch into matrix for ambience feed

Responsive 4 band, 2 sweep EQ

Individual phantom power and polarity switching

Wide angle LED channel and master meters

Per channel pre/post fader aux switching for full flexibility

Mutes on all fader masters

100mm premium grade dual rail faders

1KHz oscillator / pink noise generator with external output

Ultra low noise mix head preamp design