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FAC series Power Amplifier with DSP Control & USB Interface 
Delivers four channels up to 4 x 1700W @8 ohms, two channel up to  2 x 2350W @8 ohms models. Weight is only 9KGS; 

The high-end version amount FTD models.
*Ultra-efficient reliable class-FTD technology switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and low power consumption 
*High-performance DSP and 24-bit/96 kHz converters deliver ultimate signal integrity and extreme dynamic range 
*DSP section features sophisticated delay, crossover (Notch & shelving filters), EQ (48 full parametric EQs), dynamics processing and lockable security settings 
*Front panel LCD display enables setup and adjustment without PC 
*Can be set up, controlled and monitored via front panel USB connector. Powerful remote software can be obtained from the manufacturer / supplier. 
*20 user- & 20 factory-presets storage by on-board NV-Memory 
*FAC series with the VPL adjustable output voltage limiter, the amplifier is applied to any system. 
*Full protection systems: with over current, DC, the ultra-high frequency (VHF), short-circuits, the main power fuse protection circuitry and soft start circuitry. 
*In order to maintain a suitable working temperature under extremely harsh conditions, the FAC series use one thousand copper heat cooling sink to enhance the rapid cooling ability for the cooling of exposed components, and, all cooling components are located in the same air flow cross-section, in order to get the same cooling effect, while the FAC series power amplifier products it is sufficient to meet all the high-end positioning projects.