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High Efficiency 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier Module for Professional Applications


The PFC41000 is an amplifier module featuring 4 output channels, each one able to deliver up to 2000 W on 4Ω (2x1600 W on 8Ω in mono-bridged mode). The highly compact design, integrating all 4 channels and the power supply in a single chassis, makes the PFC41000 a unique product.

Combined with high performance, stable DSP digital processor, providing EQ, linear phase, delay, limiter and other functions;

*** with Power factor correction technology ensures optimal and consistent inertial performance under a wide range of operating conditions around the world.

***Intelligent track management technology can greatly reduce the no-load power consumption and noise floor, and maximize the energy efficiency of the system.





Number of channels                                           1 in / 4 out

Output power

Maximum output power per channel @ 4 Ω                 2000 W

Maximum output power per channel @ 8 Ω                 1000 W

Maximum output power per channel @ 16 Ω                600 W

Maximum output power @ 8 Ω Bridged                    3000 W

Maximum output power @ 16 Ω Bridged                   2000 W

Max output voltage                                        140 Vpeak

Max output current                                         54 Apeak