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Product model TM24 digital mixer Product category Small performance series
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24-channel digital mixer

Designed for musicians, professionals and live performances; the TM24 Digital Mixer features a compact body, a simple operator interface, professional mixing and the ability to perform at a large concert.

The TM24 offers powerful features to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, and a range of features and functions that help less experienced users quickly achieve high quality results. (16 input channels) and USB (2 input channels) provide users with a variety of configuration options, 10 inch color touch screen control, with data wheel adjustment parameters, 3 high quality stereo effects processors: 50 factory presets such as reverb, echo, delay, chorus, 50 user settings and 1 tone correction (can be assigned to any mono input channel), 4 AUX and 1 mute grouping, 4 independent groups, and WiFi wireless control. Dual track recording and playback. The TM24 mixer opens up a whole new concept of modern touch and traditional operation.


TM24 portable digital mixer

Can be used in mobile performances, fixed installations, entertainment, personal production, etc.

Touch screen combined with physical wheel for intuitive operation

Support USB dual track recording and playback

48V phantom power supply can be controlled by single channel

Support custom scene presets, channel presets

Browsers that support various systems enter the correct IP address via Wifi remote control

High quality microphone amplification for better sound quality

Built-in graphic/parametric equalization, limiter, notch and many other processing plug-ins

Built-in 3 effects